Friday Five – Edible Summer Splurges


Friday Five - Edible Summer Splurges

“Getting Fierce” doesn’t mean “total deprivation.” It’s about being strong – being our best. And sometimes our best us needs a little splurge. Let me be clear: this isn’t about health food. I’m not going to tell you about something wonderful and follow that with how you should cut out some of the good stuff from it to make it “better.” I’m not going to talk about carbs, calories, or sugar counts. Nope – we’re just talking about that once-in-a-while-I-don’t-care-no-holds-barred SPLURGE. Here are 5 of our summer favorites:

  1. Core flavors. Just when you think Ben & Jerry have maxed out ice cream flavor options, they add a little core to the cream. Each Core option has two flavors of   ice cream, add ins (think nuts, chocolate chunks, candy crunch) and and an ooey gooey center such as caramel, fudge or raspberry – a complete pint-sized Sundae!

Friday Five - Summer Splurge

2. Coffee gets cooler. Is that even possible? Yes! With a frosty java option such as Panera’s Frozen Mocha or Starbucks’ Frappuccino. The latter offers a mini-version for those who are just wanting to dip a toe in the splurge waters; you know – kind of a splurge-lite!

Friday Five - Summer Splurges

3. Fair Food. I’m always on the lookout for a good Strawberry Newport. Custard on a flaky pastry bed, robed with fresh sweetened strawberries, and topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream. If there’s no fair in sight, my quick at-home version not only works, it makes a great company desert! The ingredients are (1) puff pastry (thawed and cut in rectangles) (2) sweetened strawberries (we often stir in a little amaretto or raspberry liquor for an adult version) (3) French Vanilla Instant Pudding (use a little less milk than called for so it’s thicker) and whipped cream. Cook your puff pastry per box directions, and split in half when cool. Just before serving: spoon in the pudding, ladel on your strawberries, and blast with whipped cream. Mmmmmm!

Friday Five - Summer Splurges

4. Time travel. Delicious summer treat meets blast-from-the-past with a root beer float. But not just any root beer will do here. For a true taste of yesteryear, we need the vanilla notes of A&W’s draft root beer. Add some creamy vanilla ice cream for the perfect marriage!

Friday five - Summer Splurges

5. A little adult time. You don’t have to be poolside to put a tropical twist on a hot summer day. Swap out the lemonade for a fruity cocktail that will cool you down – kind of like an adult Slurpy. But make sure you avoid the adult-size brain-freeze that can come with it if you drink it too fast! Click HERE or on the picture for some fun recipes from Serious Eats – with options from the basic (frozen gin and tonic) to more the exotic (frozen Mezcal Paloma, anyone?) there’s something for everybody!

Friday Five - Edible Summer Splurges

Friday Five - Edbile Summer Splurges









How to Make Your Peepers POP Behind Glasses

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses


There are great eyeglass choices out there these days – studious, whimsical, retro – something for every personality. But no matter how much pizazz your frames have, your eyes should still be the stars of your face. Often the eyes end up with a facial supporting role, the sparkle dimmed by a layer of glass and lashes that disappear behind frames. It’s time to get those orbs back to center stage! Here are 5 tips to get those peepers to POP from behind glasses:

  1. Add a little line. Take a dark eyeliner pencil and line from the inner corner of your eye to the lash line. A little line with a lot of defining power. This is a regular part of Drew Barrymore’s bespectacled beauty routine!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

2. Go nude. Don’t go off topic here – we’re still talking make-up, people. (Remember, we’re trying to keep the focus on the eyes.) Many of us adopted the tried-and-true Hollywood-habit of lining the inside of our lower lids with white pencil to brighten the appearance of our eyes. Unfortunately, donning glasses can turn soft emphasis into racing-stripes. To avoid the harsh effect, trade your white pencil for a nude shade like this waterproof pencil from Rimmel.

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

3. Modify mascara. All my make-up-wearing life I purchased only mascara that promised to add yards to my lash-length. If the lashes didn’t tickle my eyebrows, the mascara wasn’t doing its job! I hung onto that goal long after eyeglasses became part of my daily wardrobe and lash-tips were hidden behind frames. The only evidence of the impressive length was the less-than-impressive smears across the glass where my lashes bumped up against it as the day wore on. Then I saw a tip from a make-up pro who suggested focusing on lash thickness rather than length. What? That would require a whole-new mindset! Remembering my commitment to embrace change, I plunged right into a brand new way of doing things. Just take your mascara up to the half-way point of your lashes, then wiggle the wand left and right a few times. That action bulks up the middle of the lashes and creates a natural-looking frame for the eye that can be seen through the glass!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

4. Tame the brows. To aovid the Groucho Marx effect, smooth scraggly brows. You don’t need to invest in brow wax or a specialized product – you’ve already got what you need for this lightweight job. Dot a little hair gel, dab a little petroleum jelly, or give a quick once-over with chapstick to smooth away anything that distracts from your smiling eyes!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

5. Set the light. A shear touch of color on top of your cheek bones, directly under each eye, gives off a glow that sets of your popping peeps beautifully! I liked Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush – the name says it all!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses



Motivational Monday #18

Don’t be afraid to take a break from your worries, your sadness, or the problems you haven’t resolved yet to have a laugh. It doesn’t mean that you are less sad or that you’re not taking your problems seriously – it is just a bit of balm to your spirit and mind to help you continue to deal with what you have on your plate. So call that friend who can crack you up, turn on that goofy sitccom, or grab the funny papers, because

Motivational Monday #18


Motivational Monday #17

Sometimes reasons sound more like excuses. Think about it – when a friend is late  meeting you, wouldn’t you rather hear: “I’m sorry I’m late” than a lame litany of the phone calls, traffic lights, and  carpet wrinkles that slowed her down? The same is true when there is a request to impose on your time or resources. Often the request comes at that end of a sentence that starts out with the red-flag words “Now that.”  Such as Now that you’re retired, or Now that the kids are out of the house, or Now that you’re so good at. If the request is unwelcome, a simple “I’m not able to assist with that” or “I’m not available” is sufficient – you don’t need to provide a reason or create an excuse. Remember:

Motivational Monday 17

Motivational Monday #16

It can be tempting to give up on a goal because we are not achieving it fast enough. We ask ourselves if what we’re giving up today, a mere baby step on the way to the prize, is really worth it. When those moments hit, look in the mirror and say:

Motivational Monday #15


Two-Timing With Facebook

Every once in a while, you just want to shake things up – do something different. Yet we can be limited by the constraints of our obligations, responsibilities and financial resources. So how can we rabble-rouse without going too far or spending too much? One way is to take it to Facebook! Our fledgling Facebook page captures our attitudes with just the right mix of chuckles, offbeat humor, and the occasional bit of wisdom. Here’s a sampling:

Never Grow Up

Weight Watcher's joke

Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

Losing Weight

Ab crunches

Change your answer


Too Many Stupid Things to Remember

Eating Healthy


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How I Got a Whole New Wardrobe – Free!!

How I Got a Whole New Wardrobe - Free!!I may have mentioned before that household chores are not my thing. I wish I was one of those people who cleaned when stressed, but I don’t. I’m more likely to eat. Which results in more stuff to clean. And I consider shopping to be a household chore. Something I have to do because I like to eat. Which works as incentive for groceries, but not so much for clothes. I figure if God really wanted people to buy clothes in malls He wouldn’t have allowed the catalog to be invented!

So if I really, really need a new clothing item, I find it in one of the plethora of catalogs that arrive in my mailbox weekly (clearly my name has been circulated throughout the catalog industry). If the ordered item fits and flatters, I order three more in different colors. If it doesn’t, it gets repackaged to be sent back and left sitting and forgotten on some table until the day after the required “return by for full credit” date.

One rushed day I was hunting for something to wear to a meeting. While washing clothes is one of the chores I do regularly without whining (now that I don’t have to wash them on rocks in a stream anymore), I’m not as diligent about folding promptly. So on this fine day, all acceptable clothing were too wrinkled. And there wasn’t time to break open the clothes steamer from it’s original packaging (received for Christmas four months earlier because I’d let my husband know it was my heart’s desire) and learn how to use it. Desperate, I pawed through my husband’s side of the closet in case something he owned could morph into a passable outfit. It did not happen.

In a panic-driven burst of creativity, I remembered The Iron. Whether it was because as young child I distractedly ironed right up my arm instead of the shirt in front of me, the trauma of being required to do household chores at such a tender age, or the fact that I was better at ironing permanent wrinkles in than smoothing them out, I don’t know – what I do know is that I hate to iron.

I found The Iron buried in a laundry basket full of rumpled cotton and linen in the guest-room closet. It was right where my mother had left it after doing all my ironing on her last visit – three years prior. (Save your mother-abuse comments – believe it or not, my mother likes to iron.) I had added to its pile over the years, but not reduced it any.

I felt like I had discovered a new tropical island that was close enough to drive to on weekends! Clothes! A whole wardrobe of beautiful clothes! In colors and styles I knew looked good on me! And that fit well!

I picked an old favorite I had forgotten I owned, opened up the ironing board in spite of it’s unused metal legs’ screeching protest, and rediscovered the water hole on The Iron. Seven minutes later, basking in the heady light of having successfully smoothed out more wrinkles than I created, I was ready to go. But I looked forward to getting back home, eager to  reacquaint myself with the discovered treasure.

I can’t promise I’ll keep up the relationship with the still-hated iron, but the clothes steamer is definitely coming out of its box. And I’m even going to read the instructions. Well . . . truthfully? That’s Plan B. Plan A is seeing if I can guilt my mother into coming back very soon – we’re way overdue for a visit!

Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Colonoscopy Makes You Smile

Top 10 Reasons Having a Colonscopy Will Make You Smile

I’m not going to talk about how having this simple procedure detects cancer early and, literally, saves lives – that’s old news. And I’m not going to try to persuade you to have one by telling you how one no longer has to drink gallons and gallons of nasty-tasting stuff like they used to the night before – you’ve probably heard that 100 times. What I DO want to talk about is the benefits of having a colonoscopy that nobody else is talking about – the ones that will make you smile. There wasn’t room to list them all, so I have selected the Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Colonoscopy Makes You Smile.

10. You get to utter mysteriously: “I’m having a medical procedure done tomorrow.”

9. You get the day off work.

8. Just when you think age has caused you to slow down, the time it takes you to get to the bathroom from the living room will prove you wrong.

7. Free fuzzy socks with non-slip grippers.

6. The warm blanket – mmmmmmmmm. You’ll be so busy wondering where you can buy a blanket warmer, you’ll forget why you’re there.

5. It will be the one time in your whole life when you will be encouraged to pass gas while others are present.

4. You’re sure to lose a pound or so in the process – without exercise!

3. You will finally get some of that sleep you’ve been needing.

2. You will have earned the right to nag others who haven’t yet had “the procedure” and are now qualified to proclaim self-righteously: “It’s just not that big a deal.”

And the number one reason why having a colonoscopy makes you smile??

1. You can now participate in those conversations that you were formerly banned from due to your lack of experience. You know – the ones that use phrases like wooshing feeling, never moved so fast in my life, I was relieved to find out that. . . “


Top 10 Reasons Having a Colonsocpy Makes You Smile

* We are both qualified to tell you that!