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    1. Hi Tina. We wish we could take credit for the song and video but alas…it was produced by someone other than ourselves. We loved it enough to put it on our blog. You would have to contact the song’s originator – Donnalou Stevens. She has a Facebook page ( and a .com site ( I am sure she would be thrilled to hear from you. 🙂

  1. This may sound silly, but I am sooo excited I found you ladies! The posts on your FB page have made my day! I think it is because I relate, or would have posted almost every single one of them! I just turned 51 on the 3rd. 15 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. In less than one year I went from 323 lbs to 165 lbs. I have maintained that loss pretty well until almost a year ago when the “first time in my life engagement” ended after 2 years, with NO WARNING! Seriously depressed, I went back to my old friend…FOOD. I have re-gained 20 lbs I can not get rid of! I feel like the 3rd wheel to your duo! I won’t qualify myself as a caretaker, even though I have 2 of my grand-children a lot, they are both able bodied and pretty well behaved! I am on disability and spend my “bad days” online. I so look forward to visiting your site!

    1. We’re glad you found us, too, Tracy! Sounds like you have overcome some monumental challenges and are still dealing with others – you can probably tell by our posts that we can relate to where you are in life. And, by the way, there are no third wheels in this tribe – we’re all in this getting fierce thing together! Hope to see you often!

    2. Hello Tracy – this is M of the MEL. I want to reiterate what EL has said. We are very glad you have found us and hope you visit often. What an amazing accomplishment in having taken control over your weight and for having reached a new fitness level. You know that speaks to your strength and power Tracy. You can draw on that now in the face of your new challenge. It sucks (a word I don’t really care for and use infrequently but sometimes it fits perfectly)! You do know you are going to get past it and be even stronger right! One thing I tell me girls from time to time and remind myself of also – You can be your own hero (note: hero contains ‘her’ and not ‘him’). Now get out there and make yourself proud Tracy!

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