Friday Flash – Age is More Than a Number

We wanted to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face and this important reminder:

Age is Not Just a Number


How to Make Your Peepers POP Behind Glasses

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses


There are great eyeglass choices out there these days – studious, whimsical, retro – something for every personality. But no matter how much pizazz your frames have, your eyes should still be the stars of your face. Often the eyes end up with a facial supporting role, the sparkle dimmed by a layer of glass and lashes that disappear behind frames. It’s time to get those orbs back to center stage! Here are 5 tips to get those peepers to POP from behind glasses:

  1. Add a little line. Take a dark eyeliner pencil and line from the inner corner of your eye to the lash line. A little line with a lot of defining power. This is a regular part of Drew Barrymore’s bespectacled beauty routine!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

2. Go nude. Don’t go off topic here – we’re still talking make-up, people. (Remember, we’re trying to keep the focus on the eyes.) Many of us adopted the tried-and-true Hollywood-habit of lining the inside of our lower lids with white pencil to brighten the appearance of our eyes. Unfortunately, donning glasses can turn soft emphasis into racing-stripes. To avoid the harsh effect, trade your white pencil for a nude shade like this waterproof pencil from Rimmel.

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

3. Modify mascara. All my make-up-wearing life I purchased only mascara that promised to add yards to my lash-length. If the lashes didn’t tickle my eyebrows, the mascara wasn’t doing its job! I hung onto that goal long after eyeglasses became part of my daily wardrobe and lash-tips were hidden behind frames. The only evidence of the impressive length was the less-than-impressive smears across the glass where my lashes bumped up against it as the day wore on. Then I saw a tip from a make-up pro who suggested focusing on lash thickness rather than length. What? That would require a whole-new mindset! Remembering my commitment to embrace change, I plunged right into a brand new way of doing things. Just take your mascara up to the half-way point of your lashes, then wiggle the wand left and right a few times. That action bulks up the middle of the lashes and creates a natural-looking frame for the eye that can be seen through the glass!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

4. Tame the brows. To aovid the Groucho Marx effect, smooth scraggly brows. You don’t need to invest in brow wax or a specialized product – you’ve already got what you need for this lightweight job. Dot a little hair gel, dab a little petroleum jelly, or give a quick once-over with chapstick to smooth away anything that distracts from your smiling eyes!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses

5. Set the light. A shear touch of color on top of your cheek bones, directly under each eye, gives off a glow that sets of your popping peeps beautifully! I liked Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush – the name says it all!

How to Make Your Peepers Pop Behind Glasses



10 Things You Should Have in Your Bathroom if You’re Over 50

10 Things You Should Have in Your Bathroom if You're Over 50

1. Magnifying mirror. Because objects seen in regular mirrors are really larger than they appear. The little hair chin – that is actually two inches long, the stray brow – which is actually creating a bridge across your nose, that cute freckle – that is actually a smear of lunch’s BBQ sauce. Caveat: you should have a double sided mirror where the other side is not magnified. Make sure you leave it on the normal side until you’re ready to get serious about the face search – I have scared the heck out of myself more than once by turning on the bathroom light and having that jumbo magnified face staring back at me!

2. Truthful lighting. You’re not doing yourself any favors by having soft lighting that makes you appear to be bathed in the glow of a candle. You are setting yourself up for a heartbreaking double-take when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the rearview mirror as you head off to face the world with a make-up job that wasn’t intended to see the harsh light of day.

10 Things You Should Have in Your Bathroom if You're Over 503. Fierce toenail clippers. The kind that don’t take “no” for an answer. Have you seen the kind with scissor-like handles? Better aim with less slippage.

4. Serious tweezers. “Cute” doesn’t cut it here. You want tweezers with a sturdy grip and a slanted edge – tweezers that can take on the tough tasks and get the job done. Keep them somewhere close to that magnifying mirror.

5. Soothing body powder. You will want to use this anywhere that skin touches skin that it didn’t touch previously. Please don’t make me be specific here.

6. Paper and pen. For when that “must do later today” flashes through your mind – because you will NOT remember it by the time you get to the kitchen.

7. Aquanotes. It’s a pad and “pencil” that sticks to the wall of the shower. Because the chances of you remembering that great idea long enough to rinse off and get to your paper and pen by the sink keep getting slimmer. 10 Things You Should Have in Your Bathroom if You're Over 50

8. Extra eye or reading glasses. So on a groggy middle-of-the-night visit you can grab them quickly to determine what that large object on the floor actually is – and whether your sudden shaking is making it seem to be moving . . . or worse.

9. Counter-top pump body lotion. If you can fit your body lotion in a drawer, you’re probably not using the volume of moisturizer on your arms, hands, elbows, feet, knees – among other areas – that you should.

10. An object that makes you laugh, smile, or feel inspired. A whimsical shower curtain, a silly toilet paper dispenser, a framed motivational saying. Other than your bed, chances are the bathroom is the first place you go* in the morning and the last place you go* at night. Might as well begin and end each day with a smile on your face!

*No pun intended

What’s YOUR now-that-I’m-over-50 bathroom staple?

Motivational Monday #12

As we age we face a multitude of challenges – physical, emotional, spiritual. We can’t control what life deals us, but we have options for how we deal with what life offers. The key?

Motivational Monday #12


Should I Stay or Should I Go: Gym vs. Home

Gym vs Home

Keeping in mind several previous posts – cutting down on stress (holiday or otherwise) and meeting our goals – I want to first announce our November GoalFest winner. Congratulations to Pauline King! Your name was drawn at random from those that accomplished their November goal. Please make sure you let us know which ‘flavor’ of stress-reducing-scent-therapy-providing sugar scrub you would like to receive.

As health is an important goal for all of us, especially as we age, I was pondering the best options for getting in some physical activity which for me helps meet my fitness goal and helps reduce stress. While I am working out (aka listening to my pod casts while doing some treadmill and elliptical work) I am much less stressed and also increasing my fitness level. The rest of my day seems to go smoother; my body is producing those ‘feel good’ chemicals that keep me on a more even keel; and when I get home, I am free to relax. For me, first thing in the morning and outside the house is the best fit for me. For others, it could be something entirely different. Maybe you don’t have a large chunk of time so need to fit in small bursts throughout the day or maybe you need to do it at home at the end of your day when others are busy doing something else. Below are reasons why either inside or outside the home can work for you. Take a look and see if you find some options that seem to fit with your lifestyle. I took information from personal experience and from the following links to put together this comparison – Gym workouts vs. At Home workouts.

Gym (Outside the Home) At Home ‘Gym’
Fewer Distractions
Not much else to do at the gym but work out. No family members to interrupt you since they are not just down the hall or right upstairs. On the other hand, it could be a social gathering place which could limit your workout time if you get to gabbing with friends or work out less hard so you can hold a conversation. Not a social scene so workouts are completely unfettered by having to maintain a conversation. Could be pulled away from a workout if others at the house feel they need you for something or if you see something that needs to be done that distracts you from getting started on the workout routine.
Time/Money Investment
Gym Memberships can be pricey. This could keep you motivated to continue so you get your money’s worth or it could deter you from joining as that cost is just not in the budget. Time investment – could take you longer to get to where you are working out and time spent waiting for equipment can be de-motivating. No money for membership but if you are considering home equipment, good stuff costs money. There are inexpensive ways to get a good workout though – walking, exercise tapes, inexpensive weights and resistance bands. Not investing money could prove de-motivating as you have not invested so if you discontinue working out, you haven’t really lost anything financially.
Diversity of Equipment
Your membership affords you a plethora of equipment. You should make sure you know the best and safest way to use all that equipment. It is not your responsibility to maintain the equipment in good working order either which is a plus. Unless you have a great deal of unlimited resources, outfitting your home with all the equipment in a gym is just not a likely scenario. However, diverse workouts can still be created by using different inexpensive equipment and changing up your workout routine. One good piece like a treadmill or elliptical and some lesser expensive tools either rented or bought at second hand stores (we all know how many good intentions end up on sale after the motivation has run out) should do the trick.
Seeing all those fit people around you can prove very motivating. Also seeing how the level of effort made by others can inspire you to ‘pump up the volume’. However, if seeing all those fit people makes you feel out of place or self-conscious you are more likely to stop going to the gym. You have no one but yourself to motivate you which can be a good thing. If you find yourself running out of motivational thoughts, you could always ask a friend to join in the workouts – keeps you accountable and helps share the burden of keeping the routine going. You don’t have to worry about ‘keeping up with the Jones’ when it comes to fashionable workout gear and or level of fitness. No one to judge you when in the privacy of your own home.
Group Exercises
You’re already there and the costs of classes is usually included in your membership. Definitely a plus as variety helps keeps us going when the ‘going gets tough’. Local community centers and local fitness centers do offer classes. They are not in your home but can supplement your home workouts. You can also rent a different workout tape from the library each week if you prefer to stay home and yet still want some variety.
Easier to Commit ( THIS IS THE BIGGIE)
If you invested money and have signed up for a class, maybe signed up a personal trainer, you should be motivated to keep that commitment. Who wants to throw money away! Just don’t let the travel to and fro and the social aspects of the gym derail your commitment! If working out at home allows you to commit to a routine that doesn’t rely on having additional money in your budget each month and doesn’t allow you to make excuses for going back out to workout then home is the place for you. Just don’t let the other distraction that home provides to derail your commitment.

Whatever works for you – maybe a little bit a both. Just keep moving.   -M


November GoalFest!

GoalFest NovemberI have never met Alison Sweeney. I don’t even know anybody that knows her. I have no reason to think she is anything other than a wonderful person. So it is irrational for me to be so annoyed by her ubiquitous presence.  I read numerous magazines each month to generate writing ideas (which, of course, makes the subscriptions tax deductible!) and I swear she’s in every one. And not just a headshot or a quote from her – like four and five-page spreads! I’ve never watched either of her shows, but I know she has two and that she’s leaving one after twenty-one years because every magazine I read says so. If she were a song, she’d be an endless loop of It’s a Small World After All.

So recently, as I tried to flip through yet another spread on her (with no end in sight), the letters BFF jumped out at me. INovember GoalFest had to stop and roll my eyes at her use of the junior high cliche. But she was using it to abbreviate Best Fitness Friend. Oh. Hmmm. I had to admit that was a usable concept.

We are often able to accomplish more of our fitness goals if we have a buddy going through the paces with us, cheering us on, and holding us accountable. (Sorry for prematurely judging you, Alison.) So let’s extend this concept just a bit further for GoalFest – because not all our goals are fitness -related. How about BGF for Best Goal Friend (which sounds better abbreviated!)? I was lucky enough to have one for the October goal and, even though we were on different continents and our goals were totally unrelated, it was fun to stay in touch, root each other on, and offer sympathy and even suggestions for some of our challenges. I highly recommend it! And for those of you who are internally motivated, self-disciplined and don’t need the support of a BGF to obtain your goal, you are probably just the person to be a great BGF to someone who could use one!

So let’s talk goals! We’ll go first:

Getting Fierce Goalfest!My October goal was to get the old bicycle out, find a place to get it serviced, get it overhauled, and ride 20 miles. I achieved about 75% of that and learned some valuable lessons. I was able to locate a reputable place about a half-hour away, made the bike appointment, took it in, picked it up the following week. And then I rode less than 20 miles. I will never again use the expression “it’s just like riding a bike” when referring to something that’s easy to pick back up after a long time. I knew I had shrunk about an inch in height over the past few years, but I assumed it was in my back, not the length of my legs. But they clearly got shorter because I can only touch my feet flat by actually resting on the crossbar (I had to be cool and get a guy’s bike years ago) when standing. Being past childbearing years (assuming God doesn’t decide to prank me!) I am not as concerned about that status as I might have been a few years back. What I didn’t expect was the exertion involved in riding (after all, I had used stationary bikes through months of physical therapy after knee replacements) and total jelly legs after a mere 15 minutes of riding! I plan to stick with it, though. And I’m proud to say that my BGF, Pauline King, hit 100% on her goal – completing a painting she had started some time back. If any of you read her blog post on wanting to cultivate the magic in her life, you’ll see she accomplished some of that in her finished work of art!

The Wonderland of Alys by Pauline King

The Wonderland of Alys by Pauline King

NOVEMBER GOAL: This may sound odd to you, but I am committing to not sitting consecutive hours without getting up and standing/walking for a few minutes every 30-40 minutes. I’ve seen almost as many articles on the danger of sitting too much as I’ve seen about Alison Sweeney. Doing so makes one much more vulnerable to stroke and heart attack. Between sitting in the office, sitting in court, sitting in the car for long commutes and (for a change of pace) sitting and watching TV in the evening, I need to be deliberate about moving more. Studies have shown that even daily exercise does not counteract the effect of serial sitting. I want to cultivate the habit of regularly getting up and moving throughout the day, and being intentional about it for a month should help me accomplish that.


Getting Fierce GOALFEST!My October goal was to organize one of my piles of torn out magazine articles/recipes/decorating tips and to finish an afghan I started for my daughter YEARS ago. I am pleased to report that I did indeed organize one of my piles and even started on a second. I loved re-finding all those articles I squirreled away and have actually used two of the recipes.  1 point!!! On the afghan, it is a 25 square piece finished by joining all the knitted squares via crocheting. I found 18 finished squares, completed two more, but sadly, am still in need of more time to complete.  -1 point!!! I guess that leaves me at zero. The afghan is now definitely on my radar and my new goal for the afghan is to finish in time to included with my daughter’s Christmas items.

NOVEMBER GOAL: This month, I would like to complete organizing my other pile of articles/recipes/decorating tips. It really was great to have them all in one container that allowed me to search and retrieve them sooooo easily. For the second goal, I have committed to 5 days a week of 3.5 miles walking each day. To help me stick with it, I can only read, knit, watch TV for 1.5 times the amount of hours that I have moved. Right now 3.5 miles takes me about an hour and 15 minutes. So I am allowing myself not quite 2 hours in the evening for my sedentary activities. I like the idea of having to earn my AIS time (a@! in seat time). If I combine knitting with watching a favorite show, I will feel even better – efficient at using my earned ‘down time’ :)!!


 Now, about your goals:

FIRST: If you set an October goal, how did you do? Please let us know in the comment section if you are still in the process of obtaining your goal, if you have achieved it, and what you learned along the way.

SECOND: Declare your November goal! You know putting it in writing makes it much more likely you will follow through! Tell us what you have planned!

THIRD: Check out the Wailani site so you can be thinking about what flavor body scrub you’ll pick if you win the random drawing out of those who accomplished their October goals! The winner won’t be drawn until Friday to give everybody a chance to get their comments in.

Click picture to check out Wailani's Body Scrub flavors!

Click picture to check out Wailani’s Body Scrub flavors!

FOURTH: Check in on Friday to see if you won!


Monday Confessional – ‘You Might As Well Live” (Dorothy Parker)

You Might As Well Live_2First of all, I am confessing to not even picking up the afghan I am supposed to be finishing for my daughter this month!!! Hello it’s October 22 already, I need to get with the program – geez! On the other hand, I did manage to make a dent in the torn out magazine articles/recipes pile.

Secondly, and the point of this post, is that I confess to my desire to be a domestic goddess/kept woman . Well not a goddess exactly or even domestically, I just want to have the time to enjoy my home and all that goes with that statement. I was listening to a Selected Shorts story on NPR by Dorothy Parker. There were two humble working girls fantasizing about what they would spend a million dollars on if someone had left it to them with the stipulation they had to spend it all on themselves. My first choices would have been retire, retire and then retire. I stayed home with my children when they were little – a luxury I will always be thankful for and don’t regret a single day. I was out the door to work with my youngest on her first day of Kindergarten and have worked outside the home ever since. Loved having a job, the social network that came with, the paycheck that came with, and the confidence that solving problems brings. Trust me, as I am sure most of you know, work problems are a cinch to solve!

A couple of weekends ago, I spent the days making grape jam from MI Concord grapes from my neighbor’s backyard (no, I did not tiptoe over there under cover of darkness, she gladly let me have as many as I wanted) and applesauce from any old gnarly apple tree outside in our yard that provides some of the ugliest looking fruit every other year. I can’t let these bounties go to waste. The gorgeous jars are so rewarding and the house smells amazing throughout the process. Combined with some homemade deli rye bread that rose and was kneaded as required during the day, I was in heaven.I also want to travel, travel, travel.

I want to do whatever I feel like doing with my days and no longer need the satisfaction of doing a good job at work! I don’t need to solve all the ‘family problems’: they don’t seem nearly as troublesome (could be due to the fact that my children are no longer in their teens and early twenties!!). Most things work out despite, or even in spite, of my ability to provide solutions. Did I mention that I also want to travel, travel, travel.

Does that make me any less fierce? I think not!!!

Stopped by the blog Frugal Confessions and serendipitously stumbled upon this postI will be researching and implementing some of these ideas with the goal of getting to retirement more quickly than my current plan gets me there. This goal is not going to languish in a basket in my craft room.  -M

You Might As Well Live


100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50

100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50

    1. We can truly appreciate the wisdom of our parents.
    2. “Because it’s in” is no longer a motivating force to make a purchase.
    3. We know the difference between being fat and being shaped different than the cool kids grandmas.
    4. We have a true appreciation for the ‘cut and paste’ feature on our word processors that those who didn’t experience typewriters will never know.
    5. We were able to stop carrying dimes in our shoes and (later) quarters in our bras in case we had to make an emergency call.
    6. We understand the concept of ‘groovy.’
    7. 100 Reasons te Celebrate Being Over 50
    8. We now know that cute, pretty, handsome, and beautiful can co-exist with wrinkles.
    9. We get that more hair, longer hair, is not necessarily better. To borrow some real estate jargon it’s all about location, location, location!
    10. Our bullsh*t detector has incredible range.
    11. Sympathy can be effectively conveyed with a heartfelt look because they know we get it.
    12. We got to experience playing outside until dark and riding our bikes to adventures beyond the length of our road.
    13. We know for a fact that excellent movies can be made without profanity or gratuitous sex scenes.
    14. Long-term friendships have a maturity, a depth, a richness, that only the aging process can bring to them.
    15. We no longer believe if your eyeglasses aren’t jumbo it looks like you have two sets of eyebrows.
    16. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” has evolved from a slogan to a life style.
    17. We know what we don’t know.
    18. We recognize that “old” is more about attitude than age.
    19. Our self-confidence doesn’t come from a cocky place.
    20. No more worries about getting pregnant!
    21. A botched haircut is no longer the end of the world.
    22. We are taken seriously in the business world.
    23. The motivation to lose weight is what WE think.
    24. When we don’t want to play a game, drive to a destination, or do anything else we don’t want to do, we can toss out an “I’m too old for that” and the subject is dropped.
    25. We can act like teenagers when we want to, but have the ability to stop.
    26. Our clothes choices are based on our preferences – not peer pressure.
    27. We don’t take health for granted.
    28. We’re old enough to appreciate how youthful we are.
    29. We know that being content is a choice.
    30. We have a true appreciation for those who came before us.
    31. 100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50
    32. We wear confidence well.
    33. We get a do-over with our grandkids.
    34. We can make a difference in a life by mentoring someone who is where we have been.
    35. We have a personal sense of style.
    36. We can get our quirky on!
    37. The chances of us getting kidnapped are greatly reduced.
    38. Learning is a privilege we embrace.
    39. Since we need them all the time now, we don’t have to remember where we put our glasses.
    40. Pig Latin is a secret code again.
    41. We’re getting our money’s worth out of our health insurance.
    42. Passions are magnified by our life experience.
    43. Worrying about ending up looking foolish is no longer an obstacle to us trying something new.
    44. Our joints are more accurate weather indicators than the evening new forecast.
    45. We enjoy people who disagree with us because the conversation is more interesting.
    46. Laughing at ourselves is no longer difficult.
    47. We know it really will be all right.
    48. We have more internal resources to help us make decisions.
    49. Perfection is no longer the goal.
    50. Singing badly is not a reason not to sing.
    51. 100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50
    52. Our homes are big enough.
    53. Napping is something we do without having to be told anymore.
    54. We don’t feel like everything in our holiday meals has to be cooked from scratch.
    55. Valuing popularity is a thing of the distant past.
    56. Saying “I’m sorry” comes much easier.
    57. So does saying “No.”
    58. There is time to take care of ourselves.
    59. We know that gratitude can obliterate negativity.
    60. No more periods.
    61. Sex – truly better at this age!
    62. Prospect of retirement.
    63. Knowing what we want.
    64. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses better
    65. Increased problem solving skills
    66. Greater appreciation for life’s wonders
    67. Financial stability
    68. Cherished Family Relationship – Sibling Rivalry is a thing of the past
    69. Knowledge gained from experiences
    70. Senior discounts (heh, use ‘em if you got ‘em)
    71. No acne
    72. Technology –sometimes friend, sometimes foe but always keeps the mind active
    73. Health care provides much better treatment options for ‘aging’ concerns
    74. Fun really is more fun
    75. Forgiving comes easier
    76. No longer have a need to be right all the time
    77. 100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50
    78. Sixty doesn’t seem old anymore
    79. Less scared of taking risks
    80. No longer take things personally
    81. Less need to be in control
    82. Time to travel, knit, read, garden
    83. Love seeing the adults children have now become
    84. Being on the other side of menopause
    85. Being around as long as Johnnie Quest, Jeopardy, Flipper and Mary Poppins (to name a few)
    86. Freedom to not finish a book if it just really isn’t all that appealing
    87. Enjoying our own company even when left alone with ourselves
    88. Need for fewer ‘things’
    89. Appreciation for time spent ‘making memories’
    90. Saying ‘Yes’ is so much easier
    91. Willingness to try new things is so much easier
    92. Not trying new things is perfectly acceptable and/or getting multiple uses out of the same book when not remembering that you have already read it
    93. Seeing the beauty in long united couples, new mothers, aging faces, and undeveloped acres of land
    94. Being old enough to have lived when there weren’t home computers, internet and cell phones (makes the ‘young’ folk look at you in a new way with respect for the hardships you have endured)
    95. Recognition of how tough those 20-30 year olds have it and knowing we would never want to go back
    96. Not needing to have the TV or radio or other noise creating devices on; the thoughts in our heads are perfectly good company.
    97. Catching a movie in the middle of the day and finding plenty of available seats
    98. Finding humor in so many more places
    99. Putting to rest former regrets
    100. We know how much we have to be grateful for.

100 Reasons to Celebrate Being 50



Quinbloits – Words You Have to Be Over 50 to Understand

Quinbloits - Words You Have to Be Over 50 to Understand

Remember sniglets from back in the 80s? Words for those everyday things or events that formerly didn’t have words for them? There is still a need for such a service. Allow us to present you with QUINBLOITS – kind of like sniglets that are all grown up. Or, maybe ‘senior sniglets’ is more accurate. However you want to compare them, quinbloits are words that only people over 50 will truly understand and appreciate. And yet, as important as each quinbloit is, none of them are in the dictionary. Yet. We figure once we start using them, these much-needed words will eventually find their way to Webster’s finest.

Today’s Friday Five introduces our very first quinbloits – never seen anywhere before! We’re so glad you’re here to share this monumental moment with us!

Qunbloits!Roomember – to find yourself standing in the middle of a room trying to remember what you went in there to get.

Qunbloits!Blotzwalk – the act of re-tracing your steps until you hit the event that triggers your memory about why you entered the room. NOTE: When the memory is triggered, you should immediately write it down before heading back to the location you previously roomembered.

Qunbloits!Groots – the amount of gray in your roots that it takes to motivate you to recolor your hair.

Qunbloits!Pilligation – the act of filling up one’s pillbox for the week – generally performed on a Sunday evening. Related term: Tripilligation – the term used when the pillbox has 3 rows for those who take pills three times a day. NOTE: When a pillholder has 21 rows, it is now a mega pillbox and the act of filling it known as a minipharmpilligation.

Qunbloits!Schmuckal – The decision that needs to be made when the phone rings just as your TV show ends and, while you’re talking to the caller, the theme from Wheel of Fortune blares in the background. Do you explain hurriedly that you’re not actually watching that geezer-fest or hope they won’t hear it if you don’t call attention to it? NOTE: A coschumckal can occur when you hear “Wheel! Of! Fortune!” in stereo and both parties must simultaneously schmuckal.

Our quinbloit dictionary is a work in progress that we are just getting started on. If you have a proposed quinbloit, please submit it to us in the comment section below or email it to us at

And speaking of emails, please sign up for our free email notice subscription!


There’s an app for that!

SmartPhoneAppsI recently got a smartphone (as in just last week)!

I know! That really should have been in the confessional section of this blog because it is a bit embarrassing to have gone this long without one. However, I held out because I didn’t want ‘Big Brother – Tech Division’, to have loads of information on me that I did not explicitly agree to share. Some say I am a bit paranoid about this (SEE – people are talking about me!!). I tried the latest ‘non-smart’ phone and it was ridiculous. Anywho…(as the ‘older folk’ sometime say), I LOVE my smart phone, so much more than I thought I would, and my girls are working to convince me that it is OK to get some ‘apps’ to go with it. I did do some research and found this site (scroll down to find the list) listing top ten apps for those of us who did not grow up with these new fangled electronic devices,  and thought they were certainly worth passing along. The list includes the following.

I think the Eye Reader is going to come in VERY handy since I am still working on that voice recognition! I am also looking forward to viewing the ‘Older People are Happier’ talk.

Anyone have an app they just can’t live without?

Smart Phone Joke